The Elkhart Flames annual tryout for all club and non club players is held in June of each year. A spring tryout is also held in March of each year to fill open rosters. Tryouts are open to anyone interested in playing soccer with the Elkhart Flames Soccer Clubs.

There are also limited roster available throughout both the spring and fall sessions. If a player would like to tryout they would need to register with the Elkhart Flames. For more information please send a mail to eflames.

Why attend tryouts?

Elkhart Flames Soccer Club coaches will conduct the tryouts. Players will be evaluated on skills and tactical abilities to determine the following: ·

is the player ready for travel level soccer;
if ready what level of play, Premier or 1st Division;
would this player be recommended to play-up on a club pass.

All returning or new players to the club will need to tryout with their assigned age and gender category. All players may tryout for an older team up to two age levels higher, if endorsed by their current soccer coach. All players are encouraged to attend two tryout opportunities. All players will need to bring their own soccer ball to tryouts and at least one parent to registration. New players: please bring a copy of your birth certificate and will need to fill out a club application form at sign-up for tryouts.

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