How to be Supportive Parents

    Being a parent of a Flames soccer player is an important responsibility. As Flames parents you have chosen the commitment that goes with Club Soccer. These responsibilities correlate with those of a Flame player. This includes a commitment to having Flames player at practice and games on time. You will also travel to games representing the Flames Organization as fans. Finally, the approach you have when dealing with the success and failure of the Flames players and teams will impact your son or daughter growth as individuals and athletes.

  • Give consistent encouragement and support to their children regardless of the degree of success, the level of skill or time on the field.
  • Stress the importance of respect for coaches through discussions with their children, and highlight the critical nature of contributing to the team and its success.
  • Serve as role models, see the "big picture "and support all programs and all players.
  • Leave coaching to coaches and do not criticize coaching strategies or team performance.
  • Avoid putting pressure on children about playing time and performance.

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